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Discover the mystical world of cenote diving!

Join Dive Cenotes Mexico on an unforgettable adventure in the sacred waters of the Mayan cenotes…the only place where recreational divers can experience something they have never done before!

Our specialties are cenote cavern diving and cave diving training dedicated to excellence and a strong commitment to safety and conservation!

Divers passing through breathtaking light beams, enjoying a cenote diving tour with Dive Cenotes Mexico.

Diving in the Riviera Maya

Experience the most spectacular diving in the Riviera Maya, the famous cenote cavern and cave diving, which takes you into the mystical waters of the Mayan cenotes. 

Find out more about the different types of diving in the  area and let Dive Cenotes Mexico take you on an unforgettable adventure!


The natural wonders of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula!

The world’s best diving takes place in the cenotes providing an unforgettable diving experience in the mystical waters of Xibalba, the Mayan underworld!

Cave divers admiring a newly discovered cenote in the Riviera Maya.
Cave diver training in Cenote Minotauro with Dive Cenotes Mexico.


Dive Cenotes Mexico offers a wide array of flexible and personalized training programs. Whether you are looking to become an open water diver to discover the underwater world or are an experienced diver looking for discovering our spectacular underwater caves, we can help you getting there!

Best Cenote Diving

Don’t miss diving in a cenote while visiting the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico…it would be like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower!

Experience an amazing dive in the crystal-clear waters of the sacred Mayan cenotes.  A unique opportunity for the certified recreational diver to explore something completely different!

Dive Cenote Mexico uses the best cenote dive sites in the Riviera Maya.

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